Sara Ahmed: Brick Walls: Racism and Other Hard Histories

Taiaiake Alfred: Resurgence of Traditional Ways of Being: Indigenous Paths of Action and Freedom

Jodi Byrd: “Variations Under Domestication”: Indigeneity, Financialization, and the Logics of Dispossession

Glen Coulthard: Saturday Keynote, State of Extraction 2015

Sarah Hunt: Embodying Self-Determination: Resisting Violence Beyond the Gender Binary

Joy James: Refusing Blackness as Victimization: Trayvon Martin and the Black Cyborgs

Dory Nason: Indigenous Feminist Resurgence, Love and Resistance in Indigenous Women’s Contemporary Storytelling

Audra Simpson: The Chief’s Two Bodies: Theresa Spence and the Gender of Settler Sovereignty

Audra Simpson: Mohawk Interruptus

Kim TallBear: Making Love and Relations Beyond Settler Sexuality

Waziyatawin: Regenerating the Roots of Indigeneity: Resurgence & Resilience in Troubling Times

Frank Wilderson, III: Black Liberation and the Paradox of Political Engagement

Patrick Wolfe: Comparing Colonial and Racial Regimes


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