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  1. Greetings! This is to whomever it may concern. I’m representing a small group in Los Angeles, CA called JOKO Collective and am in the process of building a wordpress site called of the same name. One of our main goals is to create an interactive site that facilitates visitors ability to educate themselves in the history/development of revolutionary perspectives. We’re a group of African descendant folk, fully aware of our status as a captive population in these occupied Onkwehón:we: lands. Our mission is to promote critical analysis of issues relevant to African Community in particular, and other colonized and exploited people’s in general. One of our projects is to develop a glossary for our site, such as yours. May I wholesale transplant your glossary of Radical Terminology for use on our site? It would save me (the lone site builder) a huge amount of time and give us a tremendous base to start with. Asking for a boost. Please send response to Peace & Power to the First nations.

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