Rest in Power: Dacajeweiah, “Splitting the Sky”

It is with a heavy heart that Onkwehón:we Rising relates to you the news that John Dacajeweiah Hill, aka “Splitting the Sky”, rotiskenhrakete of the Kanien’kehá:ka nation has passed on from this world to be with Our ancestors. Dacajeweiah, which means “Splitting the Sky” in the colonizer’s tongue, like the overwhelming majority of colonial subjects, experienced great hardship and suffering under the boot of the North American settler-colonial capitalist system, especially in his youth. However following his experiences gained in the imperialist iron houses he fought for the freedom of Onkwehón:we for the rest of his adult life. He was a giant who walked among us. Truly his passing is one weightier than Mount Tai. Continue reading Rest in Power: Dacajeweiah, “Splitting the Sky”

Hero and Martyr, Rebel and Patriot: Manipulating the Meaning of Louis Riel

The following article is by Adam Barker. He is settler Canadian currently living in Occupied Coast Salish territory. He works on issues of identity and power in politics and social organizing. This article appeared in New Socialist # 65. As usual the posting of it does not imply an endorsement of either the New Socialist Group or Adam Barker. 

One thing in particular that this article also fails to go into serious detail on is how the Catholic faith of the Franco-Metis (notice further that the article fails to mention at all the existence of the Anglo-Metis) was used as a weapon against them in both rebellions. Of course the white Canadian state, which historically has partially defined itself through Roman Catholic and Anglican Catholic Christianity, would not mention this – but it should be worth a note that this article from an ostensibly leftist organization barely mentions it. Continue reading Hero and Martyr, Rebel and Patriot: Manipulating the Meaning of Louis Riel