A couple of blogs, magazines and journals, publishers and distros, and other projects I am either into or follow. Obviously the provision of any given link below does not imply actual endorsement, it simply means that I think that they are worth my time (and maybe yours) to check out.  Even if you do not agree with someone or something it is worth it to keep on top of what they are saying and arguing.  Additionally, some are links to now defunct projects or projects where the organizers/publishers/actors have largely moved on; I maintain these links as often their websites, so long as they continue to exist, contain useful resources.


Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics
DIES: Decolonization, Indigeneity, Education & Society
Ediciones Inéditas (Defunct)
Insurgent Notes
Invert Journal
KITES Journal
The Left Wind
LIES Journal
Théorie Communiste (French)
Troploin (French)
Voices in Movement
Whither Appalachia

Podcasts & YouTube

Discourse Collective
From Alpha to Omega
General Intellect Unit
Horror Vanguard
Jonas Čeika – CCK Philosophy
Michael Saba
Renegade Cut
Swampside Chats
Thought Slime


Achilles, Powder & Lead
Kâ-Pimotêt Aski-Iskwêw
Kwe Plain
Lit Crit Guy (Haunt Blog)
M. Gouldhawke

Organizations, Network & Projects

New Institute for Social Research
Prole Wave
The Void Network