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On the Concept of Indigenous Assent: A Rejoinder

Following the posting of my quite well received article Decolonization is Not a Metaphor: The Basics of a Genuine Anti-Colonial Positionwhich was shared by anarchist communists, maoists, anarcha-feminists and many others i would not normally expect to see digging into the kind  of material i produce—there were a slew of not even sort of surprising, much less interesting, responses from certain sectors of the north amerikan settler left. Continue reading On the Concept of Indigenous Assent: A Rejoinder

Strangers in Their Own Land: Lineages of the Conquest of Aztlán

The following article is a slightly modified version of a paper i had previously written during my Ph.D studies. 

Introduction: War on the Border

Today many euro-amerikan citizens of the united states on both sides of the political spectrum are growing increasingly concerned about high rates of migration from México and other Latin Amerikan states south of the Kótsoi River (Rio Grande/Río Bravo del Norte). This phenomena is perhaps seen most spectacularly within the current juncture by the mass swell of support by “everyday” settlers for the white supremacist, borderline-fascist candidacy of Donald Trump for the amerikan presidency. Continue reading Strangers in Their Own Land: Lineages of the Conquest of Aztlán

The ABCs of Decolonization

The purpose of this short article is an attempt to put pen to paper regarding a number of thoughts that have been working themselves out in my head recently about the default Eurocentrism of the North amerikan left and the necessity for a genuinely anti-colonial position as a point of correction. I have been attempting to work out these ideas for myself regarding just what exactly such a position would look like, so please keep in mind that this is a work in progress.

Additionally, this article kicked off a bit of a series. Please check out the various follow up pieces herehere and here. Continue reading The ABCs of Decolonization