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Indigenous Revengence: The White Fear of Savage Reprisal

After a bit of back and forth with myself on whether or not it was worth it to respond to an article by Ross Wolfe (1), in which a bumbling attempt is made to paint my  article The ABCs of Decolonization as the height of absurdity, I have decided to take the proverbial plunge and jot down a few thoughts. For those critically familiar with Ross Wolfe, he is often known as a recalcitrant eurocentrist at best, and a barely contained euro-racist at worst, and far less versed in Marxian and critical theory than he would like to lead you to believe. So I will admit at the outset that he decision to engage him is perhaps against my better judgement. However I have decided to do push forward precisely because the article by Wolfe, for all of its demonstrable euro-chauvinist flaws, does provide us with a nicely packaged teachable moment—indeed its euro-chauvinism is precisely why it is a useful pedagogical tool. Continue reading Indigenous Revengence: The White Fear of Savage Reprisal


On the Concept of Indigenous Assent: A Rejoinder

Following the posting of my quite well received article Decolonization is Not a Metaphor: The Basics of a Genuine Anti-Colonial Positionwhich was shared by anarchist communists, maoists, anarcha-feminists and many others i would not normally expect to see digging into the kind  of material i produce—there were a slew of not even sort of surprising, much less interesting, responses from certain sectors of the north amerikan settler left. Continue reading On the Concept of Indigenous Assent: A Rejoinder

The ABCs of Decolonization

The purpose of this short article is an attempt to put pen to paper regarding a number of thoughts that have been working themselves out in my head recently about the default Eurocentrism of the North amerikan left and the necessity for a genuinely anti-colonial position as a point of correction. I have been attempting to work out these ideas for myself regarding just what exactly such a position would look like, so please keep in mind that this is a work in progress.

Additionally, this article kicked off a bit of a series. Please check out the various follow up pieces here & here. Continue reading The ABCs of Decolonization