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Coalition & Dependency: On the Devaluation of the Capacity to Act

This brief meditation/article on the link between a particular ethic and politic of coalition building and the devaluation of the capacity to act was inspired by a conversation in the car yesterday between myself and fellow Indigenous PhD student and Anishinaabekwe/kweer philosopher @revolutionkwe.

Time and again we hear this as a truism, so supposedly obvious that it needs no explanation. When we examine it, however, it blows away into dust.

– E. Tani & Kae Sera (1985, 202)

The truism that is being discussed in this opening epigraph by E. Tani and Kae Sera, authors of the underground militant classic False Nationalism, False Internationalism: Class Contradictions in the Armed Struggle (1985), is the oft recited trope that the colonized & racialized multitudes must wait for the white worker to move before we can start to make revolution and begin the process of overturning our 500 years of oppression.

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Anti-Eurocentrism & the Critique of Settler Colonialism

Earlier this year there was a small-scale three-way split within the U.S.-based Marxist-Leninist/communist organization known as the Workers World Party (WWP). This split, which occurred in stages, was the result of apparent conflict between what at first seemed to be the core organizational leadership of the WWP and the membership of the Huntington, West Virginia branch of the Party. The dispute arose due to the Huntington branch’s critical approach to the West Virginia teachers’ strike. The leadership of the WWP took the stance of uncompromising support for the strikers; while the position of the Huntington branch members, who were actually present in West Virginia, had been to raise anti-colonial and anti-imperialist slogans in an attempt to critique this unquestioned and uncritical support from the rest of the Party. Continue reading Anti-Eurocentrism & the Critique of Settler Colonialism

[French Translation] Fascism & Anti-Fascism: A Decolonial Perspective

A little over a year ago I published on this blog an article titled Fascism & Anti-Fascism: A Decolonial Perspective. The article ended up receiving far more traction than I had ever anticipated. This surprised me, but I am also happy that people not just in Ontario, but in many other places have found the article helpful in figuring out what exactly is going on now in our current political juncture. Most recently the article was translated into french by the quebec anti-colonial group Unsettling Babtous, which I have reproduced below which only a few stylistic changes to better fit the aesthetic of this website. Many thanks to the folks at Unsettling Babtous for the work of the translation, because I do not speak a word of french.

Recently the article was also made into a printable zine booklet by the good people at Indigenous Action Media and the Táala Hooghan Infoshop. You can find the zine here, and again many, many thanks because as with my skills at french, my skills with PDFs and zine creation are pretty much non-existent.
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