No Surrender

IDLE NO MORE: Declaration of Anishinabek Nationhood – December 2012

From the Comrades of ACTION

Download PDF File and help distribute Anishinabek Declaration[1] We will be coming into our communities and using this declaration as a catalyst to unite all our peoples and reestablish ourselves as a Soveriegn Entity

Declaration of Anishinabek Nationhood – December 2012

We, the undersigned Anishinabek people of the Beausoleil First Nation and the Chippewas of Rama, Georgina Island, and Nawash – hereby state that we retain our inalienable rights as Anishinabek people to our land and our resources, now and forevermore.

We do not agree to the terms and conditions of the surrenders contained in the “Coldwater-Narrows Land Claim settlement agreement” or the “Coldwater-Narrows Land Claim Land Trust agreement.” Nonetheless, we have and are now going through this process because it is financially necessary for our survival.

We, the undersigned Anishinabek people have participated and are now participating in this process under duress. For generations the Crown has kept our people in a state of poverty due to the historic and continuing injustices it has enacted and perpetuated against us.

We regard the monetary payment that the government will be making to us on Dec 18-19th, 2012 as a long overdue, minor and partial financial compensation for the stolen resources and genocidal policies that have been directed against our people.

We, the undersigned Anishinabek people, will accept a cash payment on Dec 18-19th, 2012 of a small portion of the money our debtor, the Crown, owes us, but we are not surrendering or extinguishing any of our rights or title to our land by doing so.

We acknowledge that the Chief and Councils of the Chippewa Tri Council are governed by the Indian Act and are agents of the Crown where they are accountable to the Crown and not to our Nation. We have not been properly informed about how this process extinguishes our title and rights nor has our Sovereignty been respected or represented in such a process.

We are making this declaration for the coming faces of our future generations and we are directing it to all of those who will join us in fighting for the rights of the Anishinabek and all other peoples of Turtle Island.




One thought on “IDLE NO MORE: Declaration of Anishinabek Nationhood – December 2012”

  1. This generational poverty and genocidal acts against the original natives In their lands is a most unspeakable form of treatment to humankind. “For all” is not their justice. To put children at risk, strip a culture, letting a Nation to suffer for centuries, be ignored is not the kind of facts that I want to continue to know. This cruel treatment must always be exposed and acted upon to eliminated it’s grips. Pray for the fallen sisters and brothers in all Native territories, and support all social justice actions that help them.

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